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Hello, I'm Haisu!

Thanks for stopping by my digital home. Born on a small island in Wenzhou, China and moving to Queens, NY at the age of 8, I have a different answer to "where are you really from?," depending on how you ask it. 

Yes, I am doing me! After quitting my job in 2014, I packed my stuff and moved to Santiago, Chile. Since then, I've taught there, worked for a German startup, and booked too many last-minute flights. 

This is not about finding myself. I know who I am. It's about sharing my experiences - working at a dream job that no longer was a dream job, moving to a new country without speaking the language, and starting to do things that scare the crap out of me.

I am nervous as heck being so public but I'd like to give a voice to the folks that look like me. #Asiangirlswhotravel

I'll leave the inspiring to other folks. Instead, I'm here to give practical tips on moving abroad, yummy food recommendations, and dope places to check out.

Sometimes, I write for Elite Dailythe Huffington Post, and Matador Network

Your turn! Tell me about you. I like building a community wherever I am and always get hype hearing about people's passions. Shoot me a message for projects, collaborations, or tea get-togethers. I'm currently obsessed with green tea with real ginger and Korean brown rice tea. 

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